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About the Architect
Fortunato Simone Pontello, an architect from Florence, has been devoted to the Tuscan countryside ever since he was a child (he currently lives with his family between Fiesole and Volpaia). For several years he has nurtured an affinity for the contrast between the functional aspect of domestic buildings and the modern appeal to radically new ideas, while never abandoning age-old traditions. With a keen passion for structural and material preservation and restoration together with an equally passionate approach to historical artefacts, the right balance is found between comfort and a contemporary, yet fully eco-sustainable, reality.
Regarding the basic structure, the original stone masonry and its context are studied and preserved, paying particular attention to the surrounding environment and the native plant life, such as the wild roses and jasmine. New life is breathed into old spaces, creating a continuity between the exterior and the interior. Local stone is used for walls, alternating with recycled wood and light-coloured stone for flooring, giving the entire space a unique and harmonious aura where one can continue to experience the countryside with its ever-changing seasons wherever one lives. As a refuge from the summer heat, the focal point of each property is the swimming pool, Pontellos architectural leitmotif.
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Restoration and renovation of villas and farmhouses
A pool of expert decorators from the Florence School of Art brings the old original materials used to build the house back to new, enhancing the whole with painting and decor according to the traditional local customs.
Landscape architecture
Integration in the landscape is complete with the age-old feature of Chiantis hillside terraces: dry stone walls where vineyards alternate with olive trees. Pontello′s architectural projects are always in harmony with the surrounding landscape.
Interior design
Thanks to Pontellos decades-long experience together with his team of skilful craftsmen, interiors display old decorative finishes redone from scratch with the newest materials and technology.
2D/3D CAD design and rendering
The computer applications used by Pontellos studio allow you to explore design ideas, visualize concepts with photorealistic renderings and create realistic simulations of a project.
The Countryside
It is Tuscany par excellence, where the beauty of the landscape outshines even the most moving poetry. Chianti is renowned for the vineyards of the famous red wine and the olive oil of excellent quality, but above all for the incomparable lifestyle, appreciated since the nineteenth century by young Germanic and Anglo-Saxon romantics who displayed Stendhals Syndrome while staying in Florence and the Chianti countryside. The characteristics of the environment and its gentle rolling hills have all had an influence on the architecture of this area, still loved today by foreigners from all over who come to Panzano, Castellina, San Donato in Poggio and Radda in Chianti, to name just a few. It is but an area dotted with towers, ruins of princely castles, noble homes and crumbling walls, almost everywhere baring some relation to rural buildings: farms, workers houses, stables and barns that rise from decades of abandonment and unbridled renovations in the economic boom period of the 60s and 70s: altogether, a perfect setting for Pontello′s creative ideas.
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